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Explore Feedback & PID Control

Practice incorporating feedback, then coding and tuning a PID controller.

Table of contents
  1. Feedback
  2. PID Controller


  1. From the laboratoy repo you previously cloned, open the notebook laboratory/control/simple_feedback_control.ipynb in VS Code.
  2. Complete the TODO code in the Controller section to return a proportional command.
  3. Complete the TODO code in the Simulation Script section to assign a value for the proportional gain (kp).
  4. Answer the questions in the notebook.
  5. Upload your completed code (with question answers) to your student repo.

NOTE: Be sure to comment out the raise NotImplementedError() lines in steps 2 & 3 above after adding your code.

PID Controller

  1. Clone the simple_pid repo:
      cd ~
      git clone
  2. Implement the PID controller: open and edit lines 53, 54, and 57 to calculate your P, I, and D terms (look for TODO in the code).
  3. Tune your PID controller: open the notebook Implementing PID in Python.ipynb and tune the “gain” values kP, kI, and kD to generate a reasonable system response (again, look for TODO in the code).
  4. Try to beat the response shown at the bottom of the notebook and answer the question about what makes your response “better”.
  5. Upload your completed code (with question answer) to your student repo.

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