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Practical 2: Bugged Zip Sims Repo

Table of contents
  1. Running the code

As a short practical exercise in code debugging, we present a virtual environment containing four bugged versions of winged drone simulation.

This challenged is adapted from an interview question given by Zipline to be completed for their Robotics Engineering Internship / Co-op (Summer or Fall 2021).

In compliance with the license requirements this code was modified for educational purposes and used with permission.

Running the code

Clone the following Git repository:

git clone

Prepare your local environment to run Pygame window:

pip install -U pygame --user

Code can be run by invoking python bugged_zip_sim_<<NUM>>.py. Each simulation contains at least 1 error which causes unintended behavior. The errors are progressively more difficult to find and correct. Note bugs will not necessarily result in a stack trace error. Use your python debugging skills to figure out what is causing the deviations from expected behavior.

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