2021 Course Syllabus


Nathaniel Hanson nathaniel.hanson@ll.mit.edu

Kendrick Cancio kendrick.cancio@ll.mit.edu

Teaching Assistants

Rotate each course offering

Week 1: Quadrotor Basics

Goal: We will go from parts on a table to a quadrotor UAV that is capable of stable, autonomous hover.

Monday: Course Overview, Safety Briefings, Team Formation

Tuesday: Quadrotor Build, Manual Flight Tests

Wednesday: Intel RTF Architecture, Onboard Software

Thursday: Onboard Sensors, Reference Frames and Localization

Friday: Autonomous Hovering Challenge

Week 2: Computer Vision

Goal: We will build the tools that enable autonomous systems to understand the world around them using information from still images and video feeds

Monday: Kernels, Edges, Thresholds

Tuesday: Regression, Line Parameterization

Wednesday: ROS Integration of Line Extraction

Thursday: Obstacle Detection

Friday: Computer Vision Challenge

Week 3: Planning and Control

Goal: We will understand how autonomous systems make decision and execute tasks with precision

Monday: Feedback Control

Tuesday: State Estimation

Wednesday: PID Control

Thursday: Planning

Friday: Navigation Challenge

Week 4: Challenge Week

Goal: We will spend the whole week preparing and competing in the UAV Racing Challenge